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Routing Number

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Our website is a platform where you can easily search routing numbers of all USA banks easily. We have collect a list of all major banks and provide you routing number bank of all location. Before starting ahead we would like to tell you more about routing number of banks.

What is Routing Number of Banks?

Routing Number is a 9 digit number which help to recognize any bank institution located in particular location or city. In simple words we may say that routing number of one bank in particular location is different from same bank in different bank.

For example Bank of America located in PO BOX 27025, Richmond, Virgina have routing number 021001318 and on the another side Bank of America located in VA2-430-01-01, Richmond, Virgina have routing number 064100852. Here you can see that routing number of same bank in different location are different from each other and that make these two branch a separate identity.

Check Routing Number

Routing Number on Check

We may also refer this as Routing transit number (RTN) or an ABA routing Number. Routing number can be easily found printed on check use in bank for payment transfer. You can see routing number on check at the bottom of it. Routing number can be easily found in the online banking portals of particular bank.

How do I find my Routing Number

Our portal “Routing Number Bank” is designed in a way that you can easily find the routing number by few clicks. You can easily find the routing number bank wise or state wise. If you click the particular bank from the list given in this portal then you will be shown all the routing number of different -2 location of USA. Another way to find the routing number is that you can go to the state page where all the banks will be shown. After selection of particular bank you can find all the routing number associate with it.

Why we need Routing Number or Benefit of Routing Number

From time to time we need to transfer or receive money from another bank to our bank account. Every financial bank needs a routing number so that they can settle the transaction correctly. As we know that routing number connected to bank location which help to identify particular bank. Routing number help to trace from which bank money is coming and in which bank it will be transferred.

As we know that in one city there may be more that one bank with same name. So to identify correct bank we use routing number so that money can be transferred to correct bank without confusion. To transfer money we need bank name, account number along with routing number. Now here question arises that what is the difference between routing number and accounting number. In next section we will deal with it.

Difference between Routing number and Accounting Number

  1. Account number usually between 8 to 12 digit on the other hand routing number is 9 digit.
  2. Account number identifies your individual account in bank whereas routing number identifies the name of bank in particular location.
  3. Every account number of bank is different from another number in bank. But routing number of one branch in same location will be same because it represents the location.
  4. Accounting number placed in bottom of check in second group whereas routing number printed in first group of three bottom number.
  5. Account number is lot like customer ID or fingerprint which is unique with every another customer from any bank. Routing number is differentiating every branch from another branch of bank in different location.

Different types of Routing Numbers

Some banks uses different routing number for different type of transaction. If we take example we may notice that some bank uses routing number for wire transfer is different from routing number used in direct deposits and automated clearing house (ACH).

ACH transfer between banks are performed with the help of third party clearhouse whereas in Wire transfer we do not need clearing by a third party. Wire transfer are direct bank to bank transaction and thats why they are faster that ACH transfer. ACH transfer usually do at free of cost and Wire transfer are expensive that Automated clearing house.

While making any bank transaction you should use correct Routing number. If you are not sure about the correct Routing number than you may contact bank using the phone number of particular bank.

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