Routing Number of FNB Kentucky # Online FIRST NATIONAL BANK Numbers

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FNB Kentucky Routing Number

FIRST NATIONAL BANK Kentucky routing number is thing that we are looking for and we are here to provide all this number of FNBBank given below. Before starting we need to know why we require FNB of KY this number. FIRST NATIONAL BANK Kentucky routing number like other is required when we want to transfer money to main bank or financial institution. As we know that every FNBBank of KY bank is different to each other that’s why routing number is made which help to identify any bank located in particular location.

Routing Number Address City State

There are many banks of FIRST NATIONAL BANK Kentucky in America and we require routing number if we wish to send money to one of FNBBank bank located in any of USA state. For example we have account number of FNB and this bank located in KY, now we need to understand that Kentucky can have many branch of FNB. So to track right branch of FNBBank in KY state in America or all over the world we must have routing number of that bank so that money cannot deposit in wrong branch.

FIRST NATIONAL BANK Kentucky Routing Number

To make any transaction in FNB Kentucky bank we require account number and routing number so that at right place money can be deposited. Sometime client have confusion between routing number and accounting number of FNB KY. On this page we will tell you how accounting number of FNBBank KY is different from this number.

  1. Bank accounting no of FNB Kentucky identify your account bank account whereas routing no identify you bank branch located in particular state.
  2. Bank Routing number of FIRST NATIONAL BANK of KY is of 9 digits on the other hand accounting no can be more that 9 digits.

FNBBank Routing Number of Kentucky

One of most important question that arises in mind that how we can find this no of FNBBank Kentucky. There are four ways to get correct routing number of FNB of KY and by following one of them you can find right routing number.

Search Routing number of FIRST NATIONAL BANK Kentucky state in check

This no of FIRST NATIONAL BANK KY contain 9 nine digits which can be see at bottom left hand of check. There may be 3 numbers in bottom of FNBBank of Kentucky bank check and first number is routing no, second is accounting and third is check number.

Search FNBBank of KY Routing number online

Next method to search this number is by following online banking of FNB Kentucky branch. To check routing number of FNBBank of KY you have to open to bank online platform using app or net banking.

Get Routing number at FNB Kentucky Website

Most of FNB Kentucky bank has their own website where bank display this number of every branch come it to its domain. View official website FNBBank KY and search a page where you can find routing number easily.

Search FIRST NATIONAL BANK Kentucky Routing number at ABA Website

ABA website has routing number list of FNBBank of KY and you can easily find routing number here you login into website. To look up this no of FNB Kentucky you may enter to website by click the link below.


1. Where to find routing number of FNB, KY?

Ans: This number can be found at FNBBank of Kentucky check, via net banking, on App and at official website.

2. What is my routing number for FNB Kentucky?

Ans: Routing number of FIRST NATIONAL BANK of KY is of 9 digits which identify particular bank branch.

3. What happen if you put the wrong this no of FNBBank Kentucky?

Ans: If you use wrong FNB, KY routing number then you transaction can be cancelled therefore use correct number.

4. How to find this number of FNB Kentucky branch?

Ans: b2# KY bank routing number may easily found at check, ABA Website, App and online App.

5. How to find this no on FNBBank of Kentucky App?

Ans: To find routing number of FNB KY in App you have to download and login it via correct customer id and password

6. How to transfer money using FNB of Kentucky routing number and account number?

Ans: To transfer money correctly in FNBBank Kentucky branch you have to use bank’s account number, routing number and account holder name.

7. How do I find my number of FNB KY bank without check?

Ans: Routing number of FIRST NATIONAL BANK Kentucky can be easily find via online banking, official website of bank and App platform.

8. How can I find my routing number online FNBBank KY?

Ans: As we know that FNB Kentucky this number is not secret that why you can find it at bank official website and ABA website.

9. How to withdraw money from FNB of KY with account and routing number?

Ans: To withdraw money from FNBBank Kentucky you have to use correct routing number, account holder name and account number at withdraw slip.

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